Monday, October 13, 2008

Plastic styles and Alpha Freebie!

I have been testing some new actions for Brandy over at Megadoodle Inspired and I am pretty jazzed about them! She has an Alpha Cutter action for PS and PSE and a new keychain action for PSE which includes two great .psd files for some very nice looking keychain elements:



Head over to Mega-Doodle Inspired for store info! And I used the Mega-Alpha Cutter action to save my newest freebie, and it was so simple and time-saving! I recommend anyone who creates alpha sets to purchase this easy-peasy action!

This afternoon's freebie is an alpha set that I made with some new Photoshop plastic styles that I am also offering! It is from a refrigerator magnet alpha font and is kind of fun. The alpha includes all caps and the numbers, symbols in some bright plastic colors. The style set for Photoshop is a set of different colored plastic and a "grey" one that will just apply the "plastic" effects to whatever color your element, alpha is.


Download the CU Refrigerator Alpha HERE


Download the CU Photoshop Plastic Styles HERE


Designed by K said...

Hey Deb :)
Just wanted to drop by and let you know you have an award on my blog!
Have a great day hun..Hugs, K

Angela Toucan said...

great fun alpha, looks like it'll go really well with something I'm working on.

That action looks brill - too bad I cant use it.

Mags said...

Love the fridge magnets!
Thanks so much!!
:) Mags

Deanna said...

How fun these will be scrappin' kids pages. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the CU magnets.

Charmed by Gorjuss said...

Thanks bunches!

Stephenie said...

fun! ty!