Sunday, October 5, 2008

PS CU Zipper Brushes and Style Sets!

I am sorry there was no freebie yesterday, I was in mourning because the Cubs bowed out in game 3 of the playoffs and looked horrible doing so. Maybe there is something to that curse theory.... Anyway, I did make something to post today and will hopefully have a new paperdoll set posted tonight.

The other day I stopped home for a minute while I was working (as I often do to say hi to DH and the little girl before she goes to preschool). And as usual, there was a mess in the kitchen but it smelled wonderful! When I asked DH what he cooked he stated he had a recipe come to him in a dream (???) He made cinnamon roll pancakes, and they turned out great! I thought it was pretty funny that this creation came to him in a dream. Then the other morning I woke up with an idea for some brushes that I had dreamed of the night before. Twilight Zone! I thought, how cool would it be to make some directional zipper brushes, then make some styles to apply to the zippers. So I set out to work and came up with few different brushes and styles. There's the "closed" zipper brush and an "open" zipper brush in the rectangle style and there's the notched closed and "right" open and "left" open brushes in this set. There are also some styles that you apply to the zipper layer after you have made your zipper. Then I thought it would be cool to make some zipper pulls to layer over the zippers and Googled some zipper images for ideas.... Well knock me over the head - after all my work I found a tutorial on how to create a zipper brush in PS that Tracy Caudle started writing in December 2007! That's before I even knew what Digital Scrapbooking was! Geez. Anyway, I recommend that you go to her blog to learn how to create a path in photoshop and "paint" your zipper on the path to make it realistic. It is an excellent tutorial and there is also a tutorial on how to make metal layer styles if you want to make different ones for your zippers.

Although these brushes and styles were created in CS3, they will work in PSE (tested in PSE6 only). Here are some examples of how I used these brushes and styles: SC_HeartZipperExample

Heart path stroked with zipper brush and style applied, with Heart zipper pull (supplied).


Closed and Open zipper brushes made to look like jeans over red fabric.

Cool? You get the zipper brushes, style set, and a handful of zipper pulls (.pngs) in the .zip. I have plans in the future to create some zipper .pngs that everyone can use.


Download the CU Zipper Set HERE


Unknown said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! Deb you continue to AMAZE me with your creativity and GENEROSITY!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention I was WOWED??????



Sue said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing your work. :D

Cauleen said...

Deb, these are great! Thanks for sharing them with us. Now, about that recipe for the cinnamon roll pancakes......LOL


Michelle said...

You are so awesome! Thanks for sharing your great stuff!

Three Bright Lights Designs said...

Deb, these are fantastic, as always! Thanks so much for sharing them!

Anonymous said...


Stay on dreaming.

They are soooooo great! Thank you much for joining your great talent with us.

Big hugs

Angela Toucan said...

thanks for the zipper pulls, I wait for the zipper pngs

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 05 Oct [LA 11:41pm] - 06 Oct [NY 01:41am, UK 06:41am, OZ 04:41pm] ).

Katie said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing them!

txbubbles said...

Absolutely amazing! These are terrific, keep on dreaming! LOL!!!
Thanks so much for sharing.
Vicki in Texas

anna said...

Thank YOU!! These are great and soooo useful!! Thank you again for your top quality freebies!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love these! You never cease to amaze me Deb. How you can come up with ideas day after day is beyond me. I can't wait to see if these work in PSE 4!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

You are our SCRAPLAND WONDER WOMAN girlfriend!!! AMAZING, simply AMAZING!!!

Thank you and I shall be checking out those AWESOME tutorials as well!

You ROCK Deb!!!

Linda :)

Lauralee said...

These are awesome! Thanks for your generosity!
All Good Things! Laura -Owner-

Anonymous said...

wow! you are just so awesomely talented! Thankyou so much, yet again!

makeyesup said...

Thanks for the zippers and pulls. Super job on this. And love all your paper doll kits. I have fond memories of my childhood and playing with them.

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea! thanks so much for these. They can also be downloaded into the Gimp/share folder in windows, and used in GIMP.
Thanks a ton!

Deanna said...

This is gona be fun if I can just figure it out!! :)

Charmed by Gorjuss said...

Thanks bunches!

Felice said...

Thanks hun just what i needed for my new kit.
Your cu freebees are just awsome!!!!
Felice aka Felice original

Felice said...

Thank you so much for this awsome cu freebee hun , just what i needed for my new kit.
Your CU freebees rock.
Felice aka Felice Original

Unknown said...

Thank you a greeting from Tenerife

Rachel said...

These look like fun!! I shall enjoy using these. THANKS!!
Cinnamon roll pancakes too please - they sound lovely! Hope I have a dream about how to make them tonight!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the zipper brushes.

Mary Oakes said...

Thanks for the zipper brushes, they are wonderful! You mentioned going to Tracy Caudle's blog. I clicked on her link but it says you must be invited to view it. Does she no longer keep up with her blog, or do I have to do something somewhere to ask to be allowed? LOL. Sorry but never seen that type of message pop up before from blogger. Thanks in advance.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

These are really unique. Thanks so much!

Lisa D.

NSMZ said...

thankyou so much.