Thursday, November 6, 2008

Angela's new dolls and a great PS Find!

My friend Angela over at Toucan Scraps made a new set of dolls from my paper doll templates and they are very unique!  Here's the preview and you can head over to Toucan Scraps to read about and download them!



I also found some great resources for Photoshop/PSE recently on Deviant Art.  There are some Christmas Custom Shapes and Patterns by Camxso, and they are really fantastic!  Visit her at DA and pick up these fabulous finds!  The preview here does not do them justice but trust me you will love them!

Xmas_Shapes_by_Camxso Vintage_Retro_Xmas_Patterns_by_Camxso


Barbara said...


Thanks for the tip on these!


Michelle said...

Once again, you save the day! I've been looking for holiday shapes for the kits I'm working on. A million thanks for all you do!

Mariscrap said...

Hello...I don't knownhow to mail you...just one question..;I wonder if we can use this custom shape for making CU items in my was not writing ???
Thank you in advance...
And once again ty for all you done!!

Anonymous said...

Deb you rock!!! I love when you leave tips for great finds! I spent a lot of time searching and searching for things like this so the tip is great! You are truley appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments. I make these wonderful shapes and patterns just for people like you and all of your appreciative readers. Enjoy! My website is here: , but my shares are as always on Deviantart here:

Thanks again, Camxso

Pam said...

This is a big thank you for all you do!! People like you make this world a better place!! Thanks for the tips on these great nabs!! I also got some of your other great freebies like the bows and your styles for the after dusk kit. Thank you so much for sharing so very generously!! I love to visit your blog! Have a great day!!