Sunday, February 7, 2021

Open Hoop Earring File


Hi all!  I'm back with a simple earring file after reading on the Glowforge - Jewelry Makers Facebook group that makers were having a hard time finding a file for open hoop earrings.  After I made the file I had a lot of fun making some unique hoops out of wood and acrylic.

I made these out of wood and engraved patterns on them with my Glowforge.

These are wood with alcohol ink and UV Resin


On the bottom pair above, I cut wood veneer and added it to the acrylic to hide the posts inside the clear acrylic.  For the green glitz pair, I used gold foil topped with UV resin to hide the posts.

To attach the posts, I drilled a tiny hole in the end of the earrings with my dremmel.  I then used a 21 gauge headpin and glued it in the hole.  The glue used for the wood earrings is DAP Rapidfuse.  I found it didn't work well for the acrylic earrings and ended up using UV resin to secure the headpins on the acrylic earrings.  After the glue/resin cured, I snipped the headpin to the appropriate length and sanded down the sharp edges created when I snipped them.  I think they turned out great!

I made 4 different widths and 2 versions, depending on how wide you want the gap in the hoop.  These are sized at 1.75 inches but of course you can resize as needed.  Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Funny Ostomy Earrings

Hello all!  It's been a long couple of months but I'm finally back with a freebie that will probably have very few downloads but I think they are fun and relevant to my life right now!  I had my surgery Dec 1st to remove my tumor and woke up with an ileostomy.  This was best case scenario because it is only temporary and will be reversible.  I was feeling pretty crappy for a couple of weeks but bounced back and I feel great now!  There were lymph nodes affected so I am now going through clean-up chemotherapy.  I go every other week for 12 sessions and should be finished this summer.  I'm ready to get it all behind me!

So anyway, if you know someone with an ostomy and would like to make them a cute pair of earrings - here you go!  Enjoy!

If you happened to land here but don't have a laser, I sell these earrings in my Etsy Shop.