Sunday, February 7, 2021

Open Hoop Earring File


Hi all!  I'm back with a simple earring file after reading on the Glowforge - Jewelry Makers Facebook group that makers were having a hard time finding a file for open hoop earrings.  After I made the file I had a lot of fun making some unique hoops out of wood and acrylic.

I made these out of wood and engraved patterns on them with my Glowforge.

These are wood with alcohol ink and UV Resin


On the bottom pair above, I cut wood veneer and added it to the acrylic to hide the posts inside the clear acrylic.  For the green glitz pair, I used gold foil topped with UV resin to hide the posts.

To attach the posts, I drilled a tiny hole in the end of the earrings with my dremmel.  I then used a 21 gauge headpin and glued it in the hole.  The glue used for the wood earrings is DAP Rapidfuse.  I found it didn't work well for the acrylic earrings and ended up using UV resin to secure the headpins on the acrylic earrings.  After the glue/resin cured, I snipped the headpin to the appropriate length and sanded down the sharp edges created when I snipped them.  I think they turned out great!

I made 4 different widths and 2 versions, depending on how wide you want the gap in the hoop.  These are sized at 1.75 inches but of course you can resize as needed.  Thanks for looking!